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Calcium and bone health

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Calcium is essential for bone health, function of nerves and muscle tissue.

How much calcium do we need daily?

Increase Your Intake of Non-Dairy calcium rich Products:

  • Choose calcium-fortified soy and rice milk.

  • Use canned salmon or sardines.

  • Use baked beans in salads, pasta and stews

  • Use dark greens such as spinach, in salads or add to your soups, and pasta.

  • Add firm or extra-firm tofu made with calcium sulphate.

  • Have an almond butter sandwich.

  • Grab a handful of plain almonds as a snack.

Food labels:

Read the Nutrition Facts table on packaged foods and choose those foods that are high in calcium. ✓ A ‘good source of calcium’, which means the food contains at least 165 mg of calcium per serving. ✓ An ‘excellent source of calcium’, which means the food contains at least 275 mg of calcium per serving.

Note to remember: Adequate vitamin D levels are important to assist the absorption of calcium in our body.


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