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Appetite and satiety:

How many of you have experienced buying more food or going more for ready to eat meals when you are extremely hungry? The availability of unhealthy (fast food) meals is something which can cause us to make wrong food choices when we are hungry.

You might have experienced being shocked by the amount you ate when you were super hungry.

The thing that drive us for eating more is our appetite. However, what is usually masked by our appetite is the body’s satiety signal (signaling fullness). Different macronutrients seem to differ in their impact on our appetite sensations. Protein quickly settles our appetite and promotes greater satiety or feelings of fullness than carbohydrate and fat. High protein meals therefore have more ability to reduce energy intake from a meal, as well as intake from the next meal than do meals that are low in protein. The reason behind it is complex and requires understanding of our neurological signals and its relationship with our stomach and gut functioning as well as our body’s fat storage.

What we can do in controlling our appetite can be broken down in two dietary behavior change:

1) Having the right food choices;

2) Initiating a mindful eating habit.

Each of these two strategies have the potential to change your appetite pattern, portion sizes, portion quality and result in better satisfaction of food and eating behavior. I will post about each of these strategies in my next posts. Feel free to add any comments which you think is relevant to this material.#appetite #hunger #satiety #qualityfood


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