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Having the right food choice:

Food variety means having food from each of the five food groups in amounts recommended. Eating from all five food groups ensures that body receives all essential macro and micronutrients for optimal health. It is important to notice that the recommended number of serves from each group varies for adults and children and also it varies with age. It is also important to consider variety when choosing food from each food group to obtain different types and amounts of essential nutrients for our body.

🔹Some foods are not considered as part of five food groups. This is because they are not necessary for a healthy diet. These foods are called “Discretionary foods” and are often high in added salt, sugar and Saturated fat. They provide high amounts of energy (kilojoules) and low levels of essential nutrients like fiber.

🔹The quantity of our dietary consumption is important but it is not the only important part of healthy diet. Th Quality of our diet is as much important.

🔺Take into the mind recommendation: Next time that you are hungry and looking to buy a food or prepare something, try to think about quality of your food and if it is from five food groups and if you have considered variety in your diet for that day!#eatforhealth #fivefoodgroups #qualityfood


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